Top Quality


in Every Detail

Reliability and excellent performance: in the case of hot tubs, these are fundamental principles at Orca Leisure. Hot tubs have become a huge symbol in the field of healthy living and we aim to keep it

that way.


Our products are designed so that part isolation is possible; this means that during maintenance there is no need to drain your hot tub, making repairs very quickly completed.


In terms of quality and efficiency, Orca Leisure hot tubs have been designed and manufacture to the highest standards since the beginning.


Our ergonomically designed hot tubs have only one mission, to provide you with the experience of exquisite relaxation. Enjoy precious, fun-filled and valuable time with your family and friends or spend an intimate night with your loved one.


Affordable, Reliable, Luxurious,

As designers and manufacturers, we have access to an array of exclusive products, including Jets, Pumps Balboa TM control systems, And our new range of sparkle acrylics - our products are unique. 


Backed by our comprehensive warranties, Orca Leisure has seen consistent growth. 


We design and improve our hot tubs from the ground up through specialist research and development. This is so that you can have a relaxing experience in your long lasting hot tub. 


It is our mission to produce the finest products, and fully satisfy all our customers. To allow us to improve our services. We ecourage feedback - for Orca Leisure, the customer's happiness is our only metric of success. 

Something for everyone.. 


Orca Leisure hot tubs are available with a wide range of features and accessories designed o deliver the ultimate in relaxation and luxury.