The "Hallboro" is a powerful 32 AMP hot tub with a luxurious high-quality shell design and a two Lounger seats.



People blue.png

5x Person Hot Tub 

(Dimensions: 2050 x 2050 x 780mm)

Jets blue.png

50x Jets

Heater blue.png

2Kw Heater 

Always the forefront of spa technology, Orca Leisure has enhanced the image of this hot tub to give it a stunning contemporary look. The result is a unique blend of high-performance, functionality, and style.

Having full control over the design specification and manufacture of all our hot tubs give you the peace of mind that you are buying a top quality hot tub produced to the

highest standards

Special Features Include:

spa touch control system.png
Drainage system.png
Foot masage.png
ozone generator.png

Balboa control system ​

Ozone Generator

Top Floating Filter

Foot Massage

Drainage System


Dimensions:               2050 x 2050x 780 mm

Configuration:            3x Seats, 2x Lounger

Max Current:              32Amp

Heater:                        2KW

Insulation:                   18mm High-density PU foam

Circulation Pump:      0.35 HP

Jet Pumps:                 2x 2HP 

Stainless Steel Jets:   x50


Fountains:                  4x Stainless Steel Fountains

Waterfall:                    1x 10” Curtain Waterfall

LED Lights:                 x22


Includes hot tub cover and steps: