Super Stream

The "Super Stream" with its striking presence and highly functional design, its bound to be an impressive addition to any space.



Special Features Include:

People blue.png

3x Seated Swim Spa 

(Dimensions: 3980 x 2300 x 1200mm)

Jets blue.png

3x Countercurrent and 33x Stainless Steel Jets

Heater blue.png

3Kw Titanium Heater 

Always the forefront of spa technology, Orca Leisure has enhanced the image of this hot tub to give it a stunning contemporary look. The result is a unique blend of high-performance, functionality, and style.

Having full control over the design specification and manufacture of all our hot tubs give you the peace of mind that you are buying a top quality hot tub produced to the

highest standards



Dimensions:               3980 x 2300x 1200 mm

Configuration:            x3 Seats



Max Current:              40Amp

Heater:                        3KW Titanium Heater 

Insulation:                   18mm High-density PU foam


Swim-spa:                   3x Counter current Jets

Circulation Pump:      x1 1.0 HP

Jet Pumps:                 4x 3HP 

Stainless Steel Jets:   x33​

LED Lights:                 x1 5" Underwater LED

                                    x26 Multi-point LED System 

Includes hot tub cover and steps:


Drainage system.png
ozone generator.png

2x 150mm øcartridge filters


Bottom drain outlet


Ozone Generator & 4x Ozone Injectors


3x 3HP Swim-spa pumps


1x 3HP Hydro-massage pumps


2x Comfort headrests


Maintenance-free synthetic PS skirt


Includes a topside thermal cover


3-Level step

3 x swimming pump.png
hydro massage pump.png
3-level step.png